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  • Is there a dress code?
    We are going for the usual formal wedding attire but as you will see our venue is not super formal so we would suggest the following: The wedding will be during the Scottish summer so may be hot or it may rain, so best to bring layers! There is also outdoor seating which we may use for the evening pizzas As for colours, we have a summery theme including blues, greens, peaches and florals so take inspiration if you fancy but no strict rules For the men, kilts or suits are encouraged For the ladies, the courtyard has stones and there are stairs throughout the venue, so please bear this in mind when choosing shoes Do I need to buy a hat? The venue has a fairly relaxed feel so hats and fascinators are probably not required
  • Can I change my RSVP?
    Thank you everyone for RSVPing. If you need to let us know that you can't make it, please do so by 30th June 2024 as we will need to confirm this with the venue.
  • Is it okay to take pictures with our phones and cameras during the wedding?
    We would like to request no phones are used during our ceremony as we will have two photographers about to capture the moment. For the rest of the day you are more than welcome to take photos/videos!
  • Can I bring a plus one?
    If you would like to take a plus one that we haven't already spoken about then this may not be possible but get in touch and we will see what we can do.
  • What time should I arrive?
    Please see the "Plan for the day" section for timings, these will be updated closer to the time but we're expecting to kick things off around 1:30pm so we would suggest arriving a little before to get yourself a wee tipple if you like!
  • Is the wedding indoors or outdoors?
    Our wedding ceremony will hopefully be held outdoors (Scottish weather permitting), but our reception will be mostly inside with some evening food outdoors.
  • Is there any further information available about the venue?
    Please see the About the Venue section for some more info on The Free Company.
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